I am a published author, copy specialist, and businesswoman with a background in communication and sales. I have a passion for storytelling and helping business gain more customers by writing effective copy to increase online traffic and visibility.

Below is a selection of articles, blogs, EDMs, interviews, and reviews. I enjoy writing on a variety of topics and am open to taking on projects in other industries. 

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3 Simple Hacks to Start Your First Facebook Paid Advertising

Are you curious about Facebook advertising but are not sure where to start? Are you worried about how much the ads will cost? Are you worried Facebook ads won’t work or are a waste of money? Facebook ads intimidate many small business owners. And no wonder! There’s so much information (and misinformation) out there. And the confusion can easily end in paralysis. The 3 hacks covered in this blog, are what I have used to increase engagement and conversion for myself and my clients.

Treat Mum To an Unforgettable Experience 😍

#GoBlue this autumn. Visit the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains National Park and #StayANightOrTwo. View this email in your browser T Blue Mountains is a short drive from Sydney but a world away from your every day 🌼 Visitors flock to the Blue Mountains for its spectacular natural beauty, quaint historic villages and mouth-watering culinary delights. This Mother's Day, treat mum to a staycation in the mountains 😊 Indulge in a sumptuous high tea, picnic areas with breathtaking views or

#GoBlue for your next road trip.

#GoBlue these school holidays. Visit the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains National Park and #StayANightOrTwo View this email in your browser These School Holidays #GoBlue For Your Road Trip Out Of The City. Winter and snowy nights are a distant memory. The air is fresh and warm. Spring is here! Time for fun in the outdoors and where better than in the beautiful, diverse landscape of the Blue Mountains. September to November is the perfect time to cast off the mood of hibernation and ge

Peace, Change, and Development for Afghan Women

Four decades of conflict and the Taliban’s regressive, conservative attitudes have had a dramatic impact on Afghan women’s rights. This has affected their access to education, healthcare, and adequate income. Displaced, widowed, and marginalised, Afghan women were locked out of the workforce under the Taliban rule. With no means to support themselves or their families, many faced abject poverty. With the fall of the Taliban in 2001, Afghanistan inherited an economy with few jobs to support its

Afghanistan: Bringing Sameer home from the streets

On a busy Kabul street traffic moves steadily with morning commuters. None slow or glance at the dirty sugar cane sack lying on its side in the middle of the median strip. Two street dogs lay guard at the foot of the sack. Next to them, cold ashes of a makeshift fire flutter in the breeze. At the approach of two strangers, the dogs bare their teeth and pulling flat their ears, let out a rumbling growl deep within their chest. Inside the sack is eight year old Sameer. Orphaned at five, Sameer’s

A Tapestry of Truth and Imagination

I’m often asked to describe my genre. My answer? I don’t really know. As a reader, I love a variety of books from all genres. If pressed, I admit I write about war, revolution and history because that’s what interests me. I write about immigrants because that’s where my heart is. Ideas and characters come to me in a series of visual snapshots. If I can attach feelings and empathy to them, I know I have a story I can get excited about. The Russian Tapestry is a tale of love and turmoil based o

My 3Tips on Writing Psychological Thrillers – Michael Robotham

Welcome to My 3 Tips. Gold Dagger award-winning crime writer Michael Robotham is one of Australia’s most widely read authors, whose psychological thrillers have been published in 25 languages and sold millions of copies around the world. Michael began his writing career as an investigative journalist working across Britain, Australia, and America. Later he became a ghostwriter, collaborating on 15 ‘autobiographies’ for politicians, pop stars, soldiers and adventurers. Twelve of these books bec

Book Review: Coal Creek

4.5 stars In step with the digital revolution, the publishing industry has burgeoned with new writers, new genres and new stories. Never before has there been such an output of new writing, whether it be on line or in hard copy. So how does an author make their work stand out from the crowded marketplace? It seems to me that some authors jump on board emerging trends, dare I say gimmicks, to set their work apart from the others. A popular trend I have noticed recently is an increased frequenc

Book Review: Wonders of a Godless World

This gets five stars simply as an astonishing feat of the imagination! Imagine writing a book where the two main characters are nameless: the girl is an inmate of an insane asylum; the man is in a coma throughout; they are able to 'communicate' purely through thoughts and feelings; 'he' may even be immortal. McGahan manages all this with no apparent difficulty whatsoever; again he prose is lucid and clear. One feels no problem is following the most fantastic of events. He also manages to This g

waradah Australian centre

The centre is a combination Art Gallery, education, retail and Performance Attraction. The Art is a showcase of authentic Aboriginal paintings from Central and Western Desert. The large retail store carries a collection of authentic Aboriginal gifts and handmade artifacts, as well as affordable Australian souvenirs and memorabilia. From our indigenous heritage to our present multicultural society, discover the events, characters and the Dreaming Stories that have shaped Australia’s national identity.